Apr. 26th, 2017


Just a handful of icons from the movie Stardust, based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name. The good news is that short of breaking out my old backups, this should be the last of the oldbie icons and I can break into something new.

Every single icon here is stylized and most have text. If you're looking for character icons, these probably won't work. Unless you are in a Stardust / Neil Gaiman RPG.


fourteen icons )

reese witherspoon / various

For years, I used Reese Witherspoon as a face for my favorite RP characters. When I started trying to follow icon tutorials (ah, so long ago) she was my obvious first choice. All of these icons are stylized in some way, from recoloring to image-in-image to text. All these captures should be from promo shoots (there may be a few publicity appearances) and all of them will pre-date 2007. Yes, this is another one of those batches from years ago.

Feel free to grab anything that'll work for you or that you like. As always, rules and the rest of the icons are under the cut.

Thank you!


seventy-one icons )

johnny depp / various

A mid-sized batch of old Johnny Depp icons! These are largely from promotional shoots, and you can definitely tell from the captions that they were inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

You should find a mixture of bases, stylized, and text-added icons in this batch. Feel free to grab anything that might work for your characters, if there is anything. Obviously feel free to grab anything at all! Rules for use are under the cut.

These icons were made originally about ten years ago, but I'm giving them a new home. If you've seen them before... they've been on LiveJournal and back in the day GreatestJournal. The technique is a bit outdated, but they're still fun.

Thank you!


fifty-five icons )

emmy rossum / pre-2007

This is just a small batch of Emmy Rossum icons, all from caps taken in the year 2007 or earlier. These are all stylized, though most of them are textless, and you're welcome to grab anything useful for your characters, or whatever.

I must ask that you please excuse the roughness of the design on these - they were created about 10 years ago and my skills were rudimentary at best. They've also been cross-posted on LiveJournal, a long time ago.

Thank you!


seventeen icons )

alexis bledel / various

This is a small batch of base icons of actress Alexis Bledel. These were made back and '07 (and have been posted elsewhere, goodness knows where at this point) but I am the original maker.

If memory serves, these are mostly captures from public appearances, although there looks like there may be a couple of Rory Gilmore or professional photoshoots... like I said, though, it's been a while and I can't quite remember.

Feel free to grab for any uses, PB or bases. Rules for use are under the cut. Thank you!


sixteen icons )

Apr. 21st, 2017

Rocky Horror Picture Show

These icons were created back in '07, when I was actively RP-ing, designing, etc. Figured they needed a new home, although once upon a time they were somewhere on LiveJournal. I have no idea where, but I can assure you I was the maker.

Please note that all icons in this batch have been edited and many have text added. They are probably not useful as PB icons, although they're fun to add to your arsenal of random icons.


forty-three icons )

A Princess Bride

These icons were posted back in '07 on my personal LiveJournal as well as various icon communities. Since it's been 10 years, I have no clue where they went, but I promise you I was the original maker! A lot of my old icons have gone missing and I'm trying to salvage what I can.

All of these icons have been edited or stylized in some way, and are probably note very useful as PB icons. They'd be fun things to add to your personal icon collection, if you have one on an OOC or private journal.


thirty-five icons )